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Rogers Raising The Grade

Rogers Logo Rogers believes that every young person deserves the chance to reach their full potential. Rogers also believes that education is the key to helping young people realize this potential. This is why Rogers developed the Rogers Youth Fund.

The Rogers Youth Fund initiative is a national program designed to provide basic academic support (literacy, numeracy, and languages), tools and resources needed to excel both inside and outside the classroom. It is dedicated to helping Canada’s youth overcome the barriers they face in getting the most out of their education, particularly those who are at risk due to poverty, isolation, being new to Canada, or who face challenges at home.

Raising the GradeIn association with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada - Rogers Raising the Grade

With the support of the Rogers Youth Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada delivers a multi-faceted education program called Rogers Raising the Grade, aimed at increasing academic skills, high school graduation rates and access to post-secondary education for at-risk youth from a select group of Boys and Girls Clubs across the country.

The Boys and Girls Club of Moncton is pleased and proud to be part of Rogers Raising the Grade. The program gives youth the tools and opportunities to excel in school and go on to become successful and independent. Young people can explore their personal interests and connect with mentors, tutors and friends while enhancing their digital literacy through this after-school program.

Rogers Raising the Grade Technology Centre

Our Rogers Raising the Grade technology centre provides a designated space with access to high-speed Internet and up-to-date computers in order to support learning. A positive, collaborative environment helps youth feel comfortable and engaged and is reserved for Rogers Raising the Grade participants at specific times during the week. Outside of the program hours, the Rogers Raising the Grade technology centre is open to all Club members

Three Key Elements:

  1. An integrated program that includes supports that are shown to improve academic opportunities for youth:
    • Tech centres: that provide access to computers, high speed internet, on-line resources
    • Academic support: provided through on-site tutoring/mentoring, homework help, workshops and more
  2. Goal setting: each participant is helped to establish, monitor and accomplish personal goals for high school completion, post-secondary education and careers
  3. Interest-building: youth discover interests, talents and new hobbies while using online resources and interacting with mentors and peers

About Rogers Youth Fund:

The Rogers Youth Fund initiative is a national program that helps youth overcome education challenges and excel in the classroom and beyond. The Rogers Youth Fund is currently working with 16 local charities as well as Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada nationally. For more information, visit www.rogersyouthfund.com