A Heartwarming Tale of Family, Friendship and BGC Moncton

In the heart of Moncton, a family from Colombia discovered their new home. Julian and Laura, along with their 8-year-old daughter, Luciana, had moved to Canada for better opportunities a year ago. Full of curiosity and positivity, Luciana started school while her parents had to find a way to balance their work commitments and ensure Luciana was well cared for.

As parents, they prioritized safety and fostering a healthy environment for their children.

One day, when taking a walk, they saw children being dropped off at the BGC Moncton building. “Stepping inside, we met Sarah, who had a warm welcoming smile. She introduced us to Club as a place for children and youth to chase their dreams and develop into healthy, successful members of society,” shared Julian. The family felt relieved to learn that this opportunity came at a minimal cost — only $10 per year — covering field trips, facilities, programs, and meals. Without hesitation, they enrolled Luciana.

Luciana’s time at BGC Moncton was filled with exciting activities and moments that she couldn’t stop telling her parents about. Even though she didn’t speak much English at first, her positive attitude, together with the club staff’s dedication, helped her connect with the staff and other kids. Through the universal language of kindness and a little bit of French, Luciana formed a friendship with Bella, one of the club’s staff members, who became a particularly cherished companion. “Bella has become a friend to me, who I can talk to and share everything with her at the club,” said Luciana.

Among the array of activities, Luciana’s favourite was the cooking class. “Watching her prepare healthy meals and surprise us with her self-made breakfasts warmed our hearts,” said Laura, Luciana’s mother. Besides that, Luciana participated in summer and spring break camps, the reflections program, and the virtual Kid Tech Nation, through which she discovered and enjoyed new things.

Julian, who was a sound engineer, even helped out with a music program at the Club. He revelled in sharing his skills and knowledge with the children, as a means of giving back to the community.

“For our family, BGC Moncton emerged as a true blessing. It allowed us to concentrate on our work, knowing Luciana was in a safe and caring environment. The burden of expensive after-school care was gone, replaced by a supportive community.” Though summer is in full swing, they are already looking forward to registering Luciana for the drop-in program in the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

In Julian and Laura’s own words, “If we were to offer advice to other parents, it would be without hesitation: enroll your children in BGC Moncton today,” (with a smile).


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