Black History Month Event by BGC Moncton

At the beginning of March, BGC Moncton along with our collaborators We Are One and Association Initiatives Afro-Canadiennes du Nouveau Brunswick celebrated Black History Month with our community.
From enlightening workshops in the morning to an evening filled with powerful speakers, mesmerizing performances, and the launch of a meaningful anti-racism song, every moment was a testament to the strength and beauty of our diverse community.
Our event was graced by the presence of esteemed speakers, talented performers, and cherished special guests, each lending their voices to the chorus of progress and inclusivity. From community leaders to passionate advocates, every attendee played a vital role in making this evening truly unforgettable.
A special highlight of the night was the debut of “Together We Stand Strong” an anti-racism song written and performed by our very own youth! Their creativity, passion, and courage shone through every lyric and melody, leaving us inspired and hopeful for a more inclusive future.
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