The Boys and Girls Club of Moncton offers Education support to individuals aged 6-18.  We take the time to build relationships, understand our students' interests and incorporate  curriculum the child or youth needs help with into the building of our relationship.  Individualized tutoring supports are offered free of charge in our on-site technology center, which was built with success and empowerment in mind by Rogers Youth Fund, to include up to date software and endless resources to inspire growth and encourage advancement to reach goals!  
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We have an amazing team prepared to work with children, youth and their families which is comprised of a certified teacher, a social worker, an education assistant and many inspiring volunteers who have obtained post-secondary education or are in pursuit of it!
All tutoring services are free of charge when youth are registered as members of the Boys and Girls Club of Moncton (which costs ten dollars per year!).
Registration is required for all programming.  Please view the different areas of programming offered through the education department by selecting options in the drop down list.  We would love to hear from you!