Give Back to Your Community

BGC Moncton would like to thank you for your interest in our organization and for exploring the opportunity of volunteering with us.

Volunteers are crucial to our success. We need volunteers to help us provide meaningful experiences for children and youth, but we also want to ensure that our volunteers are helping out in ways that are meaningful for them. That’s why we’re looking to hear all about our volunteers’ interests, talents, skills and expertise—we want to make sure all volunteer opportunities are a good fit.

We also recognize that not everybody has the same time and commitment availabilities. We offer regularly scheduled volunteer positions, which are crucial to so many aspects of our programming. There are also volunteer opportunities for those who might not be able to commit to volunteering on a set schedule consistently, but still want to help when possible.


Current Volunteer Listings:

  • General Volunteer
  • Committee Volunteer
  • Event Volunteer
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