Event: Christmas Community Dinner

DESCRIPTION: Raise the Grade volunteers will assist youth ages 6-18 years old in overcoming academic challenges through tutoring. These volunteers are also welcome to help youth explore interest-based activities, prepare for the workforce, apply for scholarships, learn about life after school, etc. Raise the Grade Volunteer

DESCRIPTION: All community members are invited to have a turkey dinner with us and meet Santa and his helpers!

When: Middle of December. The specific volunteering time is dependent on the role played. The dinner takes place between 4PM-6PM

Where: The gym at the Boys and Girls Club of Moncton.

– Food Preparers (unlimited)
– Gym Decorators (2+)
– Santa Helpers (5)
– Gift Wrappers (4+)
– Santa, Food Servers (the dinner is buffet style) (10)
– Set Up Crew Members (6+)
– Take Down Crew Members (6+)

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