Educational Support

BGC Moncton provides educational support for individuals aged 6-18. Our dedicated team consists of certified teachers and passionate volunteers. We prioritize building relationships and understanding our students’ interests.

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We offer bilingual tutoring support for children in Kindergarten to 8th grade. Our team of professional educators caters to individual needs, including learning disabilities, difficulties in understanding specific concepts, or the need for extra assistance.

Our aim is to remove any barriers and help children succeed in their education. Registration is required and space is limited.

Raise the Grade

Raise the Grade supports individuals facing challenges in high school preparation and learning through 1:1 and group tutoring sessions. We empower students to succeed using their own strategies, while assisting with goal-setting and post-secondary education preparation.

Our bilingual support covers English and French, prioritizing individual needs and learning preferences. We collaborate closely with parents, teachers, and students for a common goal of success. Additionally, we provide guidance in job seeking, exploring professions, and applying for scholarships.

Alternative school

Our program offers support for struggling youth to continue their school work and reintegrate into the Anglophone East School District or the Francophone South School District.

Participation is based on a case-by-case evaluation, with acceptance subject to agreement from the youth’s registered school. The program takes place during the school day, 2-3 times a week. This program is not intended to replace the school. Registration is required.

STEM-Based Programs

Our programs empower youth to become future scientific leaders through hands-on learning experiences in coding, robotics, and science experiments.

These activities enhance their analytical skills and foster a passion for science. Registration is required and space is limited.


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