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BGC Moncton offers innovative strategic services to newcomer youth ages 12 to 18 years old. We are committed to providing high-quality services in order to support the successful development and integration of our youth.

Our programs develop key skills for economic and social integration. Our amazing team includes successful immigrant entrepreneurs, educators, anthropologists and many inspiring volunteers. Together, we offer entrepreneurship training, job readiness services, and intercultural competencies.

All our programs are action-oriented, they include opportunities to develop digital skills, learn new technology, mentorship and endless opportunities for growth.

Join us to create a more inclusive community now.


Ingenium revolves around the idea of an entrepreneurial lab, where participants will turn their ideas into business and social enterprise start-up projects, notably following the Lean Canvas model for businesses. Youth ages 13 to 18 will get together to shape their start-up projects on a weekly basis with an expert facilitator. They will meet with guest speakers from different industries throughout our region, create their own content with podcasting workshops, and build intercultural dialogue.

Our entrepreneurship program has two levels: Initiation 1 and Minimum Viable Product – MVP 2

Level 1: Initiation

This the first phase of our program. Here our youth have fun learning the Lean Canvas Model for businesses. Guided by an expert facilitator they take their ideas into a business plan!

During this level, we are busy going on fieldtrips visiting key business and places in our region. We also learn more about Canada throughout cultural visits and workshops.

If this wasn’t enough all our youth does podcasting and meets with successful business leaders.

At the end of the program, we host a pitch competition, a special event where everyone presents their business projects to a jury panel who has the difficult task to choose 3 Award Winners.

Level 2: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

All Ingenium level 1 alumni have the opportunity to join level 2 of the program. During this level, all the youth are guided by an expert facilitator to create a prototype of their product or service. Excitement levels go up! as we work hands-on together to transform our ideas into products and services.

All youth have the opportunity to create their own logo and communication strategy. Throughout their process they meet with key guest speakers who share their experiences and path to success.

This level of the program doesn’t close without learning key skills for business like e-commerce, and promotion (taking pictures and making videos).

This phase of the program closes with a graduation ceremony where all participants present their products and their communication strategy (videos, pictures, social media).


Multicultural Visits

We celebrate our multicultural diversity with opportunities to learn more about our heritage and engage in meaningful conversations. We believe that the path to understanding and integration is paved with information and opportunities to share.

Black History Month

We celebrated Black History Month by creating our first BHM timeline at BGC Moncton! All participants had the opportunity to learn about the milestones of Black History in Canada and discuss racism and why we should stand up for our rights and the rights of others. We took a special moment to honor Viola Desmond and discussed how our actions can make a difference.

Every Child Matters. Everyday.

At BGC Moncton, we believe in creating a safe space for dialogue and understanding. Conversations about healthy relationships including diversity, inclusion, and Indigenous knowledge are happening on an ongoing basis and allowing our youth to have the tools and techniques to identify, develop, and sustain healthy relationships.


We celebrate our youth’s creativity by hosting key events to learn essential tools for entrepreneurship and e-commerce as web design, animation, cybersecurity, graphic design.


During the holidays our Ingenium program hosted their event TECH ALL-STARS to celebrate together with Innovation and Creativity. During this special occasion, our youth had the unique opportunity to develop their entrepreneurship skills by participating in 6 multiple workshops led by experts in our region.

Everyone had the opportunity to learn about website creation, cybersecurity, animation, and graphic design. Our event was hosted at La Station and everyone enjoyed hot chocolate from The Ice Cream Barn and yummy treats from Nick The Dutch Baker

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