Newcomer Youth Services

BGC Moncton provides an innovative program for newcomer youth that fosters key skills for successful socio-economic integration. Our program empowers youth to navigate the Canadian labour market and understand the business opportunities in our region. We also help alleviate the transition to a new school and educational system by offering great opportunities. Youth can meet new friends and discover our community, while celebrating diversity and promoting harmonious relationships among newcomers.


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Ingenium is an entrepreneurial lab where participants transform their ideas into start-up projects and social enterprises by following the Lean Canvas methodology.

Youth between 12 and 18 are guided by experts and motivated by key guest speakers from various industries. They also have the opportunity to prototype, create media content and improve leadership skills.


  • Learn the Lean Canvas Model;
  • Turn ideas into a business plan;
  • Field trips to key businesses in our region;
  • Learn more about Canada with cultural visits and workshops;
  • Podcasting;
  • Meet with successful business leaders;
  • Prepare for a pitch competition and get feedback from a panel of judges;
  • Celebrate your achievements with a graduation ceremony.


  • Create a minimum viable product;
  • Create your logo and swag;
  • Meet with key guest speakers;
  • Learn about e-commerce, taking pictures and video to promote your products;
  • Celebrate your accomplishments with a graduation ceremony.


Every year our team holds an event called TECH ALL STARS, which allows youth to delve into the world of modern technologies. This is our end-of-the-year event where everyone celebrates in the spirit of innovation, creativity and teamwork. We host various stations, such as animation, 3D printing, graphic design, Cricut printing.

Job Readiness

The SKILLED4SUCCESS program empowers youth aged 15 to 30 years old to develop key skills for successful integration into the Canadian labour market. We also offer strategic opportunities to practice networking and transition into sustained employment.

All participants discover more about life in Canada, improve language skills, and participate in our community. In addition, youth receive training to become skilled for success.


  • Benefit from individual employment counselling;
  • Identify your employment goals;
  • Improve your soft skills;
  • Learn about job research and working culture in Canada;
  • Practice networking skills and connect to the business community;
  • Visit key events related to your employment goals.


  • Build a resume with the key terminology for your sector;
  • Organize a clear employment strategy and know the requirements and recommendations for your new job;
  • Connect with potential employment or volunteer opportunities.



With the support of Canadian Heritage we celebrate our multicultural diversity with opportunities to learn more about our heritage and engage in meaningful conversations. We believe that the path to understanding and integration is paved with information and opportunities to share.

Black History Month

We commemorate Black History Month with educational activities and events. All participants have the opportunity to learn about the milestones of Black History in Canada and the importance of standing up for our own rights and the rights of others. We take a special moment to honour Viola Desmond and discussed how our actions can make a difference.

Every Child Matters Everyday

At BGC Moncton, we believe in creating a safe space for dialogue and understanding. Conversations about healthy relationships including diversity, inclusion, and Indigenous knowledge are happening on an ongoing basis and allowing our youth to have the tools and techniques to identify, develop, and sustain healthy relationships.

Antiracism Initiatives

Listen to our podcast

Our youth created and recorded their own podcasts where they discuss a variety of social topics such as immigration challenges and the importance of networking.

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