Removing barriers and helping youth become their best selves

Khalid first came to BGC Moncton at age 6 as a new immigrant from Sudan.

Overwhelmed at times by his inability to communicate his thoughts and feelings, Khalid found himself withdrawing from those activities.

That’s when staff brought BGC’s mission to life, by helping him to “overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life.” Gradually, Khalid began to thrive.

He registered for the Club’s tutoring program to develop his reading and writing skills. By grade 5, he was reading Harry Potter novels. By Grade 6, he participated in the Club’s coding program where he again excelled. He was inspired to mentor new participants, even writing, editing and starring in his own “How to” coding video. This past year, he signed up for the Club’s leadership and entrepreneurship programs, which led to the creation of a product prototype and his own business — Roof Roof Dog Houses!

Khalid, now 14, has a new place to get together for recreational, educational, and social activities with his peers.

He does not yet recognize that in being a role model, being kind, volunteering, and overcoming challenges, he is already making an impact in his community at 14 years old.

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