Program Bus Runs



Marsh Street: Pick up @ 5:00pm

Major Tenant: Pick up @ 5:10pm

Preston Crescent: Pick up @ 5:15pm

Lewis Street: Pick up @ 5:20pm

Ackman Court: Pick up @ 5:30pm

University Avenue: Pick up @ 5:35pm

Auburn Circle: Pick up @ 5:40pm

Beechwood Terrace: Pick up @ 5:45pm

Anne Street: Pick up @ 5:55pm

Parkton Heights: Pick up @ 6:00pm

Drop offs begin at 8:00pm.  Please expect your child to return anytime between 8:00pm-9:00pm.



Marsh Street: Pick up @ 9:15am

Major Tenant: Pick up @ 9:25am

Preston Crescent: Pick up @ 9:30am

Lewis Street: Pick up @ 9:35am

Ackman Court: Pick up @ 9:45am

University Avenue: Pick up @ 9:50am

Auburn Circle: Pick up @ 9:55am

Beechwood Terrace: Pick up @ 10:00am 

Anne Street: Pick up @ 10:10am.

Parkton Heights: Pick up @ 10:15am

Drop offs begin at 3:30pm.  Please expect your child to return anytime between 3:30pm-4:30pm. 

Attendance varies which can alter bus times.

***Bus runs to Westbrook Circle and Echo Norman. Available upon request. For additional information please contact the program office at 858-0949 ext. 203

***Children/youth will ONLY be permitted on the bus once we have received the registration form filled out in full.