Raise The Grade

Since 2012, the Boys and Girls Club of Moncton has been piloting a specialized education program with the help of a major Multi National Corporation and other various partners nationally and locally. 

Through an engagement based approach to learning and an emphasis on the creation and attainment of short and long term goals, we work with young people to help them achieve:

  • Insight about their personal interests and how to pursue them
  • Graduation from high school or CEGEP
  • Sufficient credits and grades for the post-secondary programs of their choice, including apprenticeships, college and university programs
  • A sense of discovery and excitement about the possibilities of knowledge, learning, and education
  • Digital literacy skills
  • Career aspirations that match their personal interests, goals and abilities
  • Positive Mental Health Outcomes and coping mechanisms
  • Youth employment
  • Successful settlement of newcomers in the region (as pertaining to educational pursuits, mentorship and supports)

For more information, please contact:

Rébécca Ethier

Education Manager
P: (506) 858-0949 ext.301
E: [email protected]